Logistics/Supply chain management

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Supply Chain Presentation

The final presentation consists of the individual projects. The entire supply chain from natural resources to customer and end of product life cycle will be included. Each student will develop a presentation, including PowerPoint slides with notes. The presentation is due in class the final class. The presentation must last 10 minutes +/- 1 minutes. You should have at least three sources in the references slide. Within PowerPoint, use the “Notes Page” option under “View” to add comments to your slides. Although the “notes” may not be complete sentences, they should be thorough enough so that someone else can deliver the presentation.

On visual aid external to the slides is required. The demonstration could be the product, a printed handout related to the product (one copy to hand out to the class), or a video (maximum 2 minutes-no audio; you describe the process shown).

Required slides:

  1. Title slide
  2. Executive summary slide(s) (an introduction with the five processes and attention getter – 1-2 slides).
  3. Present the entire supply chain of the product or service from beginning to end (5-7 slides).
  4. Conclusion slide
  5. References slide (no notes)

Speaker notes. For presentations, the guideline is 100-125 words per minute for good flow of speech. The total for the speaker notes should be 1,000-1,250 words.

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