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  • Describe your long-term career goal. 
  • Name the occupation/career you want to have in five years. 
  • Find an occupational job listing on O*Net OnlineLinks to an external site. and review the qualifications for the occupation/career you want in five years. 
  • From what you find in the job description, explain three skills that you will need to learn. 
  • Name a professional organization you could join or a business owner you could shadow to help you achieve your goals. You will include this information in your Week 5 Professional Development Plan. 
  • Reflect on your long-term career goal and the Week 5 Professional Development Plan: 
    • Describe two people or professional resources to help you on your journey to a college degree. 
    • Describe two UAGC resources to help you on your journey to a college degree. 
  • Reflect on what you have learned so far in this course: 
    • List three potential roadblocks you may encounter as you work toward the goal of completing your Week 5 Final Project. 
    • Your roadblocks will be very personal to you. For example, maybe you have a big project deadline looming over the next few weeks, or maybe a relative is having surgery. Whatever your potential roadblock, you will have a strategy to support you going forward. You will have a plan for success! 
  • Use the template below to list three potential roadblocks and three strategies you can use to overcome the roadblocks. You may highlight, copy, and paste the template into a separate document and attach it to your post, or you can paste the template directly into your discussion post. 

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