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Machiavelli’s Prince

1.As you read, distinguish between Machiavelli’s ideas with which you agree, and those with which you disagree. Perhaps highlight agreements in one color and disagreements in another.

2.What does Machiavelli mean that a ruler should have both fox-like and lion-like qualities?

3.In general, what does Machiavelli think about the average intellect of the non-ruling class? Cite evidence from the text to support your claim.

4.What are the five qualities that a leader must “have,” according to Machiavelli? Why does Machiavelli argue that a leader is better served to pretend to possess and exhibit these qualities, rather than actually practice them?

5.What is the life lesson, relevancy, or application that you take away from this source? What did you learn? Did anything strike close to home? Explain.

6.Machiavelli makes the claim that it is better to be feared than loved in Chapter XVII (17) – What does he provide as evidence? Do you agree or disagree? Support your stance

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