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Part 1:

Go to the following website: Strategic Business Insights (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and take the VALs survey.

Write a one page summary which includes your results (if you agree or disagree) and describing your buying behavior as a consumer.

Using this information, how might a marketer effectively target you as a consumer? If you are an international student you will see that the survey indicates that it might not be completely accurate for you. In the past, my international students have said it is about 80% correct.

Part 2:

Look up the zipcode you live in (can be your current zipcode if you have been there for a while or it could be your last zipcode if that is where you have lived most) on the MyBestSegments website. Determine if any of the five categories reflects you/household. Access: Claritas MyBestSegments (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (zipcode link is second tab on the top of this page).

Write up which category fits you best and why. This data is based on the 2010 Census so if you did not fill out the census because you were living with parents or others, please look for characteristics that fit them. If you have recently moved, use the zipcode you lived at previously. If no category fits you, why do you think that is? Does it fit your neighbors?

If you are an international student, use the zipcode you live in or the Temple zipcode if in a dorm (19122) and look at the people that live in your neighborhood. Do the results reflect your neighbors? Both of these assignments should be combined and submitted on one document on this link.

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