Marketing Strategy Perspective, Develop a target market for this project

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1. As discovered in previous research, the premium pet industry was not impacted from the recession and continues to grow. You have been approached by an individual who wants to open up a pet food delivery service. Customers will either call an 800 number or go online and place orders for pet foods. The pet foods will then be delivered to the home within 24 hours of the order placement. For an additional fee, the delivery person will place the purchased product in the home and, if necessary, will put the food into a receptacle for the pet owner.

The person wants to open up the business in the greater Tampa/St. Petersburg area. However, the person is uncertain as to the type of person they should consider approaching as customers. They do not know who their target market is.

Reflecting on the above from a Marketing Strategy Perspective, address the following issues:

a.) Develop a target market for this project. Make sure to address at least three market segmentation variables that would be important to consider and how you arrived at the target market you are suggesting for this project.

b.) Develop a customer retention program for this business. Discuss the concept of customer orientation and the importance of a customer retention program and what factors should be considered for this business. Identify the type of information the company needs to design this program and from where the company will obtain this information.

c.) Marketing strategy focuses on solving problems. Many of the problems originate from specific needs. Identifying the appropriate needs assists in the product differentiation process, as well. Identify the Primary Needs and Secondary Needs this product will satisfy. How will this be used in the product differentiation, positioning of the product, and the impact within the consumer buying process?

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