Minimizing risk of loss for the buyer

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you are learning about sales contacts and ways in which businesses can limit risk of loss. In this assignment, you will analyze a commercial transaction to determine what contract terms should be included in order to minimize the risk of loss for the buyer. 


Imagine that you are a manager in a commercial printing company, and you have found a good deal on the ink that your company uses most frequently from a supplier in Japan. 

• Using the materials from this week’s reading as well as the supplemental resources, consider what shipping terms you should insist be in the contract in order to limit the risk of loss for your company. 

• Using the attached Memo template, draft an interoffice memo to the owner of the company describing at least three shipping terms you would want to be included in the contract.


• Include one resource, in addition to the textbook. 

o Use APA format for non-legal sources such as the textbook. Use Bluebook citation format for any legal citations. 

• Submit a Word document. 

• Maximum two pages in length, excluding the Reference page

Unit 7 Assignment Memo Template

LAW204 – Business Law I


To: Vendor


CC: Other recipients

Subject: The Malmart Shipping Agreement shall be effective until February 20, 2021.

RE:Shipping Contract Agreement

Malmart is a retailer committed to providing shipping service to customers at their convenience. The seller is only responsible for damage during shipping, not for the quality of the merchandise being shipped. The seller is responsible for the transportation costs in any form unless the customer agreed to pay the transportation costs.

The seller has the right to reject the goods if the delay in transportation has caused damage, in the case of perishable goods. “The goods” These are the most critical points that we should include in the contract. This will ensure that we have a proper and straightforward operation. The details required by the management in the contract to the supplier must accept the offer and included fact.

Therefore, due to the regulations in place and the Contract Act, it is crucial to agree to ensure the proper and easy delivery of my items.

February 28, 2021


Moolman, J., M , O., & M , S. (2016). The effect of integrated reporting on integrated thinking between risk, opportunity and strategy and the disclosure of risks and opportunities. Southern African Business Review, 20(1), 600-627.
Federico , C., Ruggero , G., & Matteo , K. (2013). The effect of global supply chain configuration on the relationship between supply chain improvement programs and performance. International Journal of Production Economics, 143(2), 285-293.

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