Module 02 Course Project – Beginning Your Research Plan/Proposal and Literature Review

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The company I chose is Amazon using Interviews from the Research Methods Chart

In a single Word document, submit:

  • Page 1 is the beginning stage of your research plan/proposal, and includes:
    • Your research question(s) or hypotheses.
    • The method(s) of research you will conduct, using the Research Methods Chart.
    • Identification of specific data you will collect, whether the data is qualitative or quantitative, and likely variables.
  • Pages 2-3 contain the literature review (this should be a minimum of 1-2 pages, allowing for a thorough, yet concise review of resources)
    • Use credible resources, including information from the company’s website and other company documents (when available), as well as articles, eBooks, industry reports, and other relevant sources.
  • 1 cover page can be used for both portions of the assignment.
  • Reference list for all sources used.
    • The cover page and reference list are not included in the page count!

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