monoplay accounting project

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we do in classroom monoploy three rounds (each round is a a yeas ) i will upload the transaction after i choose the touter .

note: you have to makeup round3

cheek the attachments

Required Documents for the Final Project Submission (listed in the order to be completed for each year):

  • Title Page (Basic page required, but with a creative logo = Bonus points per class discussion!)
  • All drafts/original submissions before corrections were made (and your grading rubrics from them)
  • Diary
  • (Optional) Chart of accounts with proper account numbers and completed in proper order (refer to page 22 of textbook) (Bonus points for this!)
  • T-Account
  • General Journal
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Adjusted Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Owner’s Equity
  • Balance Sheet
  • Post-Closing Trial Balance
  • (Optional) Worksheet showing Trial Balance, Adjustments, and Adjusted Trial Balance for each year.(Bonus points for this!)
  • Depreciation Calculations charts for both Straight-Line and Double-Declining Methods

*****REPEAT THE ORDER OF THIS FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL YEAR.In other words, all of these documents, in this order, to be in your folder or binder for year 1, then repeat the order (minus the title page, drafts, and chart of accounts) for year 2, then same order for year 3 please!)

Things to note (aka Reminders!):

  • You may either type or handwrite all documents for the project.IF you handwrite, you MUST USE PENCIL!!!!
  • The documents MUST be printed off and turned in via paper copies only!I will NOT accept emailed copies or uploaded copies of the project.If you will not be in class the day a section is due, please give it to a classmate or email me to make arrangements to turn it in AHEAD of the scheduled due date!
  • Submissions that are completed in pen will lose 10 points automatically!
  • Late submissions will lose 10 points automatically!
  • You will be given a grading sheet, of sorts, to follow for each segment of the project so you know what is expected and to assist you with what is to be done.
  • Final projects are to be in some sort of folder or binder with all papers attached so they are not loose and falling out of the folder.(Remember, there are 26 of you and we don’t need your hard work getting mixed up with someone else’s!)
  • Final projects WILL be returned to you before the end of the semester so that you are able to hold on to your hard work and use it for future reference material if needed.

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