Multiple Discussions: Main Post is due every Thursday and Response is due every Sunday

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Discussion Questions

You are required to participate in all threaded discussions. Topics or assignments will be posted for the threaded discussions for each of the four weeks discussion boards. You must post an initial response to the proposed Discussion Questions, as well as provide a substantive response to a minimum of two (2) of your fellow peers (per question). Please respond with your answers to these topics individually with a clear opinion or thesis while, at the same time, keep your posts professional and positive in nature. Use no more than two paragraphs so make sure you synthesize your point and be very specific. More information can be confusing and will not improve your grade and could be very time consuming for your peers to read. Support your views by including real world application and examples.

As a reminder plagiarism is not allowed therefore you should avoid “copy and paste” in threaded discussions. Write your own ideas about the topic discussed. If you need to cite someone else, please make sure you give that person the credit. Plagiarism can ultimately result in suspension or dismissal of the student (refer to current NU catalog).

Remember to cite/reference all published and/or unpublished work using proper APA style (6th edition) for your initial posts and all follow-up responses. Show how these course learning objectives will be utilized. Posts are required to be substantive for this course and grades will be awarded accordingly. The threaded discussion topics will consist of ideas and concepts taken from the text and applied to work situations. Watch each week for various threaded discussion responses. Please make sure you add to our body of knowledge in your comment/response to other student postings. A post that is simple and non-engaging will receive lower points than the

maximum available. A one line response will not receive points. For example, “I agree.” is not considered substantial and will not be awarded points. While you may not receive a response from me on postings, I will be reviewing all of them and providing a grade.

Weekly participation will consist of posting your initial response (minimum of one post per week per question) by Thursday of each week, then follow-up responses to two other learner’s initial posts per Discussion Question per week) is due by Sunday at the end of the week. This approach allows you to read the entire body of posts and learn from the thoughts of your classmates and instructor. Please be aware, that the instructor will participate only as needed. The instructor is following the discussion and if the discussion is on track, instructor comments may be minimal.

Threaded discussions are an academic exercise designed to further explore the content of the class and develop your collaborative skills. Your comments should add significantly to the discussion by suggesting other solutions, pointing out problems, or even totally disagreeing. NOTE: No points will be given for late posting.

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