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Primary textbook: Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology, 2nd edition. (

Note:at least 3 paragraphs for each questions 

Chapter 11:  Data

1.  Is data a source of competitive advantage? Describe situations in which data might be a source for sustainable competitive advantage. When might data not yield sustainable advantage?

2.  Why is an understanding of database terms and technologies important, even for nontechnical managers and staff?

3.  Do any of the products that you use leverage artificial intelligence? Describe how it works for this product.  Who is their closest competitor for this product?  How do you think these capabilities compare with their closest competitor’s version of the product?

Chapter 12:  Internet & Telecom

1. Find a case of a domain name disputes that has occurred since 2012.  Who were the parties involved? How did it impact the companies financially?  How was the issue resolved? Do you agree with the decision?  Provide in-text citations and proper references.

2.  Research online for the latest country rankings for broadband service. Where does your home country currently rank? Why?  Why is broadband service important to a company?

3.  Investigate the status of Net neutrality laws in your home country and report your findings to your instructor. Do you agree with the stance currently taken by your government? Why or why not?

Chapter 13:  Information Security

1.  The 2014 hack at SONY Pictures Entertainment impacted a number of the firm’s clients and employees.  Emails from top level employees were released to the public. Research and report the estimated costs associated with this breach. How was the company impacted?  How were their clients impacted?

2.  What does the rise of cyberwarfare suggest for businesses and organizations? What sorts of contingencies should firms consider and possibly prepare for? How might considerations also impact a firm’s partners, customers, and suppliers?

3.  Many companies use VPNs for their employees to access internal systems.  What are the pros and cons of VPNs?  You should research online for the current state and provide a properly formatted reference.

4.  What risks does a firm face by leaving software unpatched? What risks does it face if it deploys patches as soon as they emerge? How should a firm reconcile these risks?

Chapter 14:  Google

1.  Assume the role of an industry analyst: Consider the variety of companies mentioned in this section that may become competitors or partners. What are the advantages or risks in these collaborations for the partners involved?

2.  Google has had many advances and acquired several companies since this textbook was published.  What do you consider to be their greatest successes and failures since 2012?  You should research online for the current state and provide a properly formatted reference.

3.  Google offers many products to businesses, see this page and read about their Business offerings:

If you were a CIO or CTO, which products would you recommend to your CEO, CFO and CMO?  (Discuss one product for each of these three leaders.) Why?

Note:at least 3 paragraphs for each questions

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