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Chapter 30B

1. What was the chief formal concern of Modernist architects and how was this reflected in their buildings?

2. What features give the Notre-Dame-du-Haut an aura reminiscent of a sacred cave or medieval monastery?

3. Go online and find a large Eero Saarinen building closer to Chambersburg. Identify it and tell me what the overall shape reminds you of and why. This is one answer that is not in the book.

4. What is the general attitude of postmodern architects toward city life?

5. In a good summary of postmodernism, what did Philip Johnson have to say about absolutes and rules?

6. What is Robert Venturi’s respone to “Form follows function?”

7. Why did Robert Smithson insist on making Spiral Jetty a site-specific design?

8. How did performance art’s relationship to mainstream museum art start out and then what happened by the end of the 1960s?

9. What physical setting is required for a Happening? What time frame is dictated? Is a Happening totally spontaneous?

10. What was Joseph Beuys’goal as a shaman?

11. What defines an art object for Conceptual artists?

12. Where does video art take place in relation to the picture plane or screen surface?

13. What did Nam June Paik call his video work and what did he say made him specially qualified to work with video?

14. Where does the term Pixel come from?

15. It may be hard to think of computer graphics as new and at the same time to imagine them as existing before PC (or Macs!) but what even earlier art movement do some of the earliest computer images make reference to?

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