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  1. Which of the following is an example of a white-collar environmental crime?

    Driving fast on the way to work, releasing high amounts of pollution than normal

    Littering while driving a company car

    Company employee disposing of production materials in an unauthorized dumpster

    All of the above

10 points  


  1. What does the “Cradle to the Grave” provision of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act refer to?

    The means through which companies can dispose of waste

    Legal places in which companies can dispose of waste

    The responsibility of the creator of the waste to track it from creation to disposal

    The idea that companies cannot create waste if they do not have a plan for its disposal ahead of time

10 points  


  1. What type of community is at a higher risk for experiencing the effects of environmental crime?

    Industrial communities

    Small communities

    Rural communities

    Minority communities

10 points  


  1. What is one criterion that theories or explanations regarding white-collar crime must meet?

    They must offer ideas that should be avoided because they would increase white-collar crime

    They must point to changes that would reduce white-collar crime

    They must be researched and guaranteed true in order to be considered a theory

    All of the above

10 points  


  1. What did criminologist James Coleman, think was promoted through industrial capitalism?

    Culture of competition

    Wide range of misconduct

    Fierce loyalty to one’s company

    All of the above

10 points  


  1. How did Hirschi and Gottfredson criticize the cultural theory of white-collar crime?

    They said it was too hard of a concept for the general public to grasp because they had an image of elitists when it came to picturing white-collar crime 

    They said it was too broad and if it were true more people would be offending 

    They said it was more useful for explaining traditional crimes than white-collar crime

    They said it was too narrow and that it did not explain enough crime

10 points  


  1. In regards to the institutional anomie theory, which of the following is not a value promoted in America that encourages individuals to engage in crime?

    Loyalty encourages the lines to be blurred for close friends

    Achievement encourages Americans to always want more

    Universalism suggests everyone should strive for the same goal

    Individualism suggests individuals should all attain success on their own

10 points  


  1. Which theory proposes that individuals understand right from wrong, therefore have to rationalize their behavior before they can engage in criminal behavior?

    Justification theory

    Neutralization theory

    Control theory

    Conflict theory

10 points  


  1. What question does the control theory ask that is different from other theory perspectives? 

    Why people commit crimes

    Why people commit their first crime

    Why people get caught offending

    Why do individuals not commit crime

10 points  


  1. What does the systems theory focus on?

    How change in one system lead to changes in another system and can then lead to crime

    How policies developed in the political system affect crime

    How deregulation in any system can lead to fraud

    All of the above

10 points

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