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The e-business’s board of trustees wants Will Learner to provide
assurances that the e-business’s health institute’s traditional customer
constituents are served well by its e‑marketing process. Mr. Learner
has turned to your team to provide current information on the ability of
online portals, such as the e-business health institute Web site, to
facilitate more adaptable links among the e-business customer types.

In addition, President Learner has made you aware of the extreme
concern among powerful members on the Med Ed board of trustees regarding
ethical and cross-cultural considerations associated with an online
learning platform. Your team’s presentation should also propose policies
for ethical safeguards related to online privacy and guidelines for
embracing cross-cultural ethnic health care education diversity

Research and complete the e-business presentation slides for one of the following:

  1. Ethical and cross-cultural
    considerations related to the e-business’s online safeguards for health
    care education and student ethnic diversity: 2 slides. 1 reference slides.

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