Negative emotions in life

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For this essay, you will “interview” one of your family members, close friends, or colleagues about a negative emotion he or she displayed earlier in life. You will ask your interviewee about (1)the symptoms and development of the emotion, (2) possible causes of the emotion, and (3) how he or she tried to overcome the negative emotion.In your essay, you will analyze your interviewee’s responses using the theories and concepts that are learned so far and/or that will be covered by the due date of this essay. Specifically, you will need to apply the three approaches/components(i.e., biological, learned, and cognitive).-You don’t need to apply all three approaches/components.However, at least two of the three approaches/components should be applied in your analysis.

Your essay should be three to five pages in length, one inch margins on all sides, double-spaced, 12 pt font. Be sure to include a separate cover sheet(this cover page is NOT included in the 3-5 pages) Essay does not need to be in APA format.

Grading criteria [25 pts in total]-Symptoms and development of the emotion [6 pts]-Possible causes of the emotion [6 pts]-How he or she tried to overcome the negative emotion [6 pts]-Grammar and overall writing [4 pts]-On-time submission [3 pts]The deadline for this essay is 3/4(Mon). Late submissions up to one week late(i.e., submission by 3/11, Mon) will be subject to late submission penalty. No essays that are submitted more than one week late will be accepted/graded.

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