Nutrition Question

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Dear. Nutrition Expert

This course NUTR 675 is the completion of NUTR 620 (Nutrition Education)

I Attached for you my “Nutrition Education Plan” with the 4 sections which you will need to do the assignments for this course NUTR 675, especially you must know my Section 1: Target Audience.

I attached the Course NUTR 675 syllabus for reviewing and Due dates.

I attached Weeks 1 & 2 presentation files for important information to help you to do entire assignments for this course.

I attached the e-textbook for you as readings and guidelines.

So Please, you must confirm and agree that you will be able to take this course seriously and will continue doing all the assignments and deliver each of them on due dates.

After you review the Syllabus, Grading Rubric for Assignments If you feel that you can not help, please, DONT ACCEPT THE QUESTION POST FROM THE FIRST SECOND in order to find another Expert.


Project and Stakeholder Report instructions:

Most of the information required for this assignment, especially question 1, was completed in NUTR 620. This assignment entails the identification of stakeholders for your project, a description of your project, and provide the evaluation questions which will guide your full evaluation. For your information, identifying the right stakeholders is important to ensure the right evaluation questions are identified and that evaluation results will be used to make a difference. That is why their involvement in the evaluation process is very crucial. Conversely, without stakeholder support, your evaluation may be ignored, criticized, resisted, or even disrupted.

1. Describe your project:

Need: What is the big problem you aim to address with your program?

Targets: What is your target population? What are issues/behaviors to improve?

Activities: What will your program and its staff do to move these target groups to change/take action? Refer to your output section of the logic model.

Outputs: What tangible capacities or products will be produced by your program’s activities?

Resources/Inputs. What is needed from the larger environment in order for the activities to be mounted successfully?

Outcomes: How and in what way do these targets need to change? What action specifically do they need to take?

Relationship of Activities and Outcomes: Discuss the relationship between each activity and stated outcomes. Which activities are being implemented to produce progress on which outcomes?

NB: Refer to your logic model. Please update/edit your nutrition education program’s logic model as necessary. Submit a copy of the logic model.

2. Identify stakeholders (those affected, those involved in operations, and those who will use the evaluation results)

3. Use a power versus interest grid to classify your program’s stakeholders into different categories: players, context-setters, subjects, and the crowd.

Utilize the “bases of power-directions of power” diagrams to highlight each stakeholder’s source of power and their interests in the program and program evaluation.

Use a stakeholder engagement planning matrix to highlight and discuss how you will involve each of the stakeholders in the evaluation process.

REMEMBER to provide a research-based literature review to support your thoughts and your decisions. Provide basic information on the top page:

  • Student Name
  • Course number and title
  • Date
  • Assignment/Paper title
  • Paper Format
  • (Stays within the page limit)
  • 12 points font-size
  • Line spacing: double space
  • Margins: 1-inch organization: organized and easy to follow
  • (pay attention to assignment details and grading rubric (see grading rubric attached)

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