organization certification guidelines

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The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a
professional nursing organization that offers certification in an area of
clinical or nonclinical expertise. You are to select a professional nursing
organization and determine if it offers a certification that will be of benefit
to you in your current position or a future position to which you aspire. The
organization and certification may be in either a clinical or nonclinical area;
however, leadership development opportunities are important.

For example, you may aspire to be a Certified Registered
Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Or, you may be currently interested in becoming a
Certified Wound Care Specialist, Emergency Department Nurse or Medical-Surgical
Nurse. Other organizations may be considered on a case-by-case basis AFTER
approval from your instructor. An example would be if you want to become a CDE
(Certified Diabetes Educator).  This
certification is sponsored by the American Association of Diabetes Educators
which is not exclusively a nursing organization. Or, becoming certified as an
IBCLC may be of interest to RNs working in Mother-Baby Departments and is
sponsored by the International Lactation Consultant Association. 

organization MUST offer certification for registered nurses. If you have any
questions about whether the organization is a “fit” for this assignment,
contact your instructor.

You will complete the form provided in Doc Sharing carefully
providing all the information requested.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables you to meet the following course

CO 1: Apply leadership
concepts, skills, and decision making in the provision of high quality nursing
care, healthcare team management, and the oversight and accountability for care
delivery in a variety of settings. (PO #2)

CO 6: Develop a personal awareness of complex organizational
systems and integrate values and beliefs with organizational mission. (PO #7)

CO 8: Apply concepts of quality and safety using structure,
process, and outcome measures to identify clinical questions as the beginning
process of changing current practice. (PO #8)


This assignment is worth a total of 225 points.

Due Date

The Professional Nursing Organization and Certification assignment
is due at the end of Week 2. Submit the completed assignment (form) to
Professional Nursing Organization and Certification in the Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59
p.m. MT. Consult the course policies, under the Course Home tab, for details
regarding late assignments. Post questions about this assignment in the weekly
Q & A Forum or e-mail your instructor directly.


Review the following (or similar) website and selects a professional
nursing organization offering a certification of interest to you in your
current position or one to which you aspire.  

2.  Thoughtfully and
completely answer the questions on the form.

and other similar certifications do
NOT qualify for this assignment. Again, if you have any questions about the
organization or the certification, contact your instructor for clarification.

6.  All work must be
original (in your own words). Simply copying and pasting information from the
website is not sufficient to address the criteria, and may be viewed as a
violation of the Academic Integrity Policy.

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