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Repeat the same thing like last assignment just a different topi and angle research neededt topic.

I highlighted the topic I will like to do. I’m going to need you to do same Ike the previous assignment. Research model

Research Topic

The Impact of Covid-19 on Alcohol and Other Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction Among HBCU Students.

Pick one of these below to be the independent variable for COVID-19:



Media Coverage (Social Media, Print Media, TV, News, FOX, CNN, CBS) Oprah

The impact of Nipsey Hustle’s COVID-19 Philosophy on HBCU Students, Becoming Dangerously Involved with Drugs and Alcohol.

Nipsey’s Word to Young People on Covid-19

Covid- 19 Deaths (Immediate Family, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandparents)


Political Response






Hospital Stays (of self, loved ones)







Travel Restrictions


Experiment, Increased or become dangerously involved

Crowns, College and Chronic

Writing Two: What’s Your Angle and Research Interest?

This assessment will provide students and opportunity to build upon the information found in the previous exercise and begin to develop a vocabulary for their research interest. Students will not only identify the social issue but will gather information in the literature that further clarifies the issue and how they may or may not have been addressed in the past. (One Page Minimum)

Writing Four: The Research Outline

This assessment is the first draft of your proposed research paper. It should comply with all requirements as indicated in the research paper outline and requirements.


What exactly is an annotated bibliography? 

BIBLIOGRAPHY = list of citations information sources (books, articles, documents, websites or webpages, audio, video).
ANNOTATION = a brief (often about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph the purpose of which is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. 
EXPLANATION: An annotated bibliography summarizes the central theme and scope of each source in the list. Each annotation should include: 
CITATION: a complete citation for each work included. 
SUMMARY: a sentence or two summarizing the author’s main point. 
EVALUATION: a) a statement about the type of source (e.g., a scholarly research article, an editorial from a professional magazine, a feature newspaper article, a chapter from a popular book, a U.S. government website); b) a short evaluation of the authority of the author to write about the topic, quality of the source, objectivity, etc. YOUR NOTES: Your own thoughts on why this is relevant for you in the context of your research paper, and how you will use this source.  TIPS: Don’t confuse abstracts or summaries with annotations. Abstracts are the purely descriptive summaries often found at the beginning of scholarly journal articles or in periodical indexes. Annotations are descriptive and critical; they expose the author’s point of view, clarity and appropriateness of expression, and authority. 

See the list of criteria for evaluating sources at http://library.njit.edu/researchhelpdesk/howto/evaluate.php 

See also Engle, Blumenthal, and Cosgrave. “How to prepare an annotated bibliography.” Reference Department. Uris and Olin Libraries, Cornell University. rev. 12 Feb 2010. Accessed 27 August 2010. http://www.library.cornell.edu/olinuris/ref/research/skill28.htm 

DUE DATE: February 15, 2022


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