Outline for my research topic

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I need to provide full outline for my research topic. I have example you have to follow for the outline


Child slavery is an issue that every country and leaders have paid a lot of attention in since children of minimum age are being overworked with some tasks that would be performed by an adult. This is obviously invading the future of the child and more so this act of child labor affects their health at their tender age. Child slavery affects the development and growth of the country as years pass by. The economy of the countries declines steadily.

  • Research questions
  • Who is a child? Between which range of ages is an individual a child?
  • Causes and effects of child labor on the children and the society?
  • Which kind of work is defined as child labor?
  • The enacted law on child slavery
  • The key steps needed to stop child slavery.
  • Is there any organ set aside to solve issues on child labor? If yes, is it dong its work as expected?
  • Thesis statement.
  • Child slavery is an issue that is in the international laws in order to protect children from being given tasks beyond their energy and ability. Countries are working together to stop child labor globally since it affects the future the country, remember these children are the hope of tomorrow.

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