paragraph responding to the discussion bellow- Paragraph 6

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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.
The problem I have seen emerging in places I have worked is in the aspect of
staffing. This has become a dilemma as it continues to affect patient outcomes.
A current problem in nursing is not having enough nurses available to
fill open positions needed to care for patients. The nursing shortage is a
problem nationwide as there are not enough nurses to completely staff
healthcare facilities. This then creates issues with covering open shifts with
the available nursing staff as the nursing staff is already working longer
hours. Mandating becomes the order of the day. This short staffed issue
has resulted to patient care not being as effective or efficient as it ought to
be. Understaffing has led to fatigue. Nurse fatigue has been linked
to medication errors that have caused the death of patients. This is an
important issue to be studied, because it involves patient safety and
well-being. It also affects the health, and safety of nurses. The benefits of a
research study on the nursing shortage could help find ways to possibly
increase awareness on the importance of nursing career. Appropriate benefit
package to retain nurses at facilities and provide better care for patients at
such facilities.

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