“Physiognomy and Racial Stereotyping.

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This assignment reinforces the spotlight on “Physiognomy and Racial Stereotyping.” It is designed to have
you delve more deeply – and critically – into the ways “reading the body” for insights into psychological,
behavioural, and intellectual characteristics has functioned, in psychology and in society, both in the past
and into the present. Note that “reading the body” is to be construed broadly and can refer to any
practice that uses an assessment of physical, anatomical, or physiological characteristics to make
inferences about the psychological or behavioural characteristics of a person, a group, a society, or a

discuss using a minimum of one up to a maximum of three examples from
the history of psychology (e.g. craniometry, anthropometric measurement, phrenology, physiognomy,
somatotyping), some of the practices, methods, and classification schemes that have been devised to
“read the body” for signs of internal qualities. (use two examples from the ones stated above)

I have attached the assignment. I am looking for an A+ quality paper. Please make sure you find at least two sources outside the material I’m going to send you, these can include any of the following; journal articles, books, book chapters, or scholarly on-line
sources. Make sure all requirements are meant, the rubric is attached so please take that into account when completing it. It is also important that whichever practices you chose, they must state how it impacted the time during, and how it impacts it now. Clear instructions are stated on the assignment sheet, please also make sure the collins article I attached is used, it has alot of information on physiognomy and others, you can look at the reference list for the collins article and if those are useful, you can use them as additional sources along with these two links-



So to summarize, the essay is basically about picking 2-3 practices. talking about the origin, historical use and effect and then relating it to racial stereotyping in our history and contemporary society and how they are used to “read the body” for signs of internal qualities. You can focus on two practices. please use physiognomy and another one of your choice. The collins article helps to understand from a historical context, but also make sure to use two other sources outside of the material I send to you as it is a requirement. This essay requires research, reflection and analysis.

Only the conclusion should focus on the contemporary practices that persist from the two historical examples picked for the essay.

Also make sure to include an abstract and reference list which is not included in the 1200-1500 word requirement.

its due on Friday, October 9th by 9pm.


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