please answer these 5 questions apa format must be 150 words each answer

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1.If you were to earn your nutrition coach certification How do you plan on using your Nutrition Coach Certification?

I want to be a nutritionist working with people to improve general health and body composition, but I wouldn’t mind being a performance nutritionist working a professional sports team. (Elaborate more)


  • Encourage clients to eat lean protein and nutrient-rich vegetables;
  • educate clients about the benefits of protein, healthy fats, and other macro-nutrients;
  • offer clients recipes or demonstrate food prep skills;
  • let clients know about evidence-based nutritional supplements that might augment their healthy lifestyle;
  • educate them about the principles of good nutrition and provide them with behavior-based coaching to improve their eating habits;
  • help them choose the right foods to eat before and after workouts;

2. What type of population will you will be able work with and what type of coaching strategies will you be able to use?

I prefer Busy Parents and Young professionals (sports professionals). With hopes of having High compliance clients. Strategy: Give praise, permission to be imperfect, and cautious attention.


High compliance clients Takes the prescribed action, gets the expected result.
Roughly 20% of all clients.
Goal: Prevent burnout and build sustainable habits.
Strategy: Give praise, permission to be imperfect, and cautious attention.

A High Compliance, High Results client is someone who follows the program with greater than 80% compliance and is also meeting the target rate of body composition change.

For example, at Jones Nutrition, our target rate of fat loss is 0.6% of body weight per week for men, and 0.5% of body weight per week for women, on average.

Results higher than that are fantastic — clients are doing the program and getting the results they want. However, they still need your cautious attention.

When the going is good with this client, we recommend two things: congratulations and a new challenge.

For the “congratulations” portion, offer praise and recognition. “It’s obvious how much you want this, John your dedication and results have been amazing so far. Nice work. Let’s keep it up.”

You can also throw in a gift certificate to a healthy restaurant or hook them up with a book you think they’d enjoy. You could also post their name up on a progress bulletin board at the gym.

In the end, the method doesn’t usually matter — the fact that you recognize their hard work and progress, either privately or publicly, does.

As for the challenge, consider giving them a similar but new and more challenging habit to follow. That’s assuming, of course, that they’re still “9” or “10” on the confidence scale. And as time goes on, choose habits that build lifelong nutrition strategies and allow for imperfection.

For example, if clients have a history of binge eating, habits might include weekly hunger management or appetite awareness practice; if a client tends to be obsessive about food, habits might work on eating healthy while relaxing the “rules” a bit.

We mention giving this type of person your “cautious” attention because sometimes the clients who start out strongest do so by throwing themselves completely at their goal. That’s OK, but only if they’re also developing strategies they can follow when they’re unable to devote 100% of their life to fitness. And, none of us can do the “all fitness, all the time” thing.

So, keep a close eye even on your superstars, because burnout is always a risk with them. You’re in a perfect position to help out if it arises, and if you watch closely, you can often prevent it in the first place.

3.Is there any population that you will not be able to work with? I don’t want to exclude anyone I don’t want to discriminate so I am open to working with all populations. Please see attachment

4.Research two digestive dysfunctions that can occur and discuss how each of them could impact a person’s health. Please see attachment

5.Define and discuss the difference between micronutrients and macronutrients. Also, discuss their importance in the body at rest and during exercise. Please see attachment

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