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Directions: You have read several texts and explored a variety of topics this semester. In doing so, you have been exposed to major themes about life. Take some time to preview the list below. Try to identify questions that seem important to you…that you can write about passionately. Choose 1 question from 3 of the categories and answer them in thoughtful but concise paragraphs (total of 3 paragraphs).

  • Have you researched areas based on the texts you have read?
  • How has this class allowed you to think more openly?
  • Has an author led you to think about something that you may normally not contemplate about life?


  • Has a character in any of the texts related to you in some way?
  • Have you learned more about interpreting the way people act and think based on what you have read?
  • How has this class brought to light an important stage in your life that you have either met or failed to meet?


  • What are the stories that are valuable for people to read?
  • Do you feel you understand more about social issues now than before?

Gender Studies:

  • What have stories taught you about the history of female/male relationships?
  • What stories gave you insight into the opposite sex?


  • What have the stories taught you about the history of economics?
  • Was the amount of time studying the concepts of the class worth the price of the class?
  • Do you think education, no matter the subject, will lead to a more prosperous life?


let me know you have any question !thank you

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