Please type your answers to the following questions into a Word or Rich Text Formatted program and upload it into our Sakai site under assignments. It is due by 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24. Late wo

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Please type your answers to the following questions into a Word or Rich Text Formatted program and upload it into our Sakai site under assignments.  It is due by 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24.  Late work will be penalized 10% points per 24 hour period.

I.  Identification: For the following, give a brief definition / description.   Answer each of the following items.

  1. Mesmerism
  2. Computer metaphor
  3. Insight learning
  4. Gestalten
  5. Attachment theory
  6. Neo-Freudian
  7. Self actualization
  8. Information Processing perspective in cognitive psychology

II. Great Thinkers – Matching

Below is a list of individuals who were significant in the development of psychology.  Underneath this list are keywords describing some of their main ideas or central aspects of their work.  Please write the letter corresponding to the correct person in the space next to their ideas.  There should be only one best answer for each.

A.        Jean-Martin Charcot

B.        John Bowlby

C.        Friedrich Nietzsche

D.        Max Wertheimer

E.         Carl Rogers

F.         Dorothea Dix

G.        Soren Kierkegaard

H.        Ivan Pavlov

I.          John Watson

J.         Sigmund Freud

K         Philippe Pinel

L          Harry Harlow

____    hysteria is a real, psychological disease

____    Was Abraham Maslow’s academic advisor

____    Leap of faith

____    Led the asylum reform movement

____    Attachment theory

____    “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

____    Hypnotism

____    Classical conditioning

_____  Application of psychology to advertising

_____  Person-centered psychotherapy

_____  Tension between Dionysian and Apollonian tendencies

_____ Father of modern psychiatry

III.   Essay questions: Each of these answers should be no longer than one page, double spaced.

1.)   Describe the historical development of hypnotism as a technique for treating hysteria.  Your answer should include a description of the predecessors of hypnotism and the major figures involved in developing the technique.

2.)   Discuss two “roots” of the Humanistic perspective and two “elements” of the Humanistic perspective.  What was the Humanistic perspective a reaction to?

3.)   Describe the behaviorism of Pavlov, Watson, and Skinner.  Note how the perspectives differ between the three.

4.)   Briefly describe two studies (NOT your own) from the Classic Studies presentations.  Describe both of them and reflect upon why you believe that they were considered “classic” studies.

5.)   Of all the philosophers, physicalists, and psychologists we have studied this term select one whose perspective matches yours and one with whom you disagree.  Name each person, briefly describe their perspective, and explain why you selected them.

6.)   We started the course by discussing MY perspectives on why psychology students should take a course on the history of the field.  Did I convince you?  Discuss whether or not you believe this course is important/relevant/meaningful or not (note…I am not looking for any particular answer here…just your thoughts and arguments.

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