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. Final paper – Due Module 8 (Details given in the document called “Guidelines and
Grading Criteria for the Final Paper.”). The final paper is worth 25% of your final
Policy advocacy background document: The purpose of this assignment is to develop
a policy advocacy background document that orients cotemporary stakeholders to a
specific social problem or issue so that they can better address it. You need to do the
a. Identify a social problem or issue (e.g., racial injustice, discrimination faced
by those with disability, homelessness, poverty among women or children,
etc.) that is of interest to you;
b. Present the history of the issue, that is, describe how the issue or problem has
evolved over the years (nationally and, if needed, statewide);
c. Describe how widespread the issue or problem is, whom it effects directly and
indirectly, and where it geographically exists, along with trends in its size and
composition through time (for this you can interview a stakeholder who is
knowledgeable about the issue, use the census or other secondary data-contact
some state agencies for state data and federal websites for federal data);
d. Identify a policy trail so that contemporary stake holders understand what
prior efforts have been made to address it—at different levels of government
and in the private and public sectors—and in different locations, such as, such
as in several states or urban areas; identify how public official and residents
have viewed the social policy or issue, as well as their prior attempts to
address or resolve it—including ideological, partisan, and other cleavages that
have surfaced as the policy trail has evolved;
e. Identify a promising policy option that might currently be considered in terms
of its merit in addressing the social problem or issue, as well as its political
feasibility. Scholarly quality of references is stressed. The paper must
comply with apa format.


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