Popular Science Writing Rhetorical Analysis Questionnaire

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This questionnaire includes a total of six questions about your rhetorical analysis of the three Popular Science Writing examples. You must answer all of them in short essay responses. Your responses must be at least 4-5 sentences. and maybe much longer depending on your rhetorical analysis. When possible, you should also include specific, concrete examples/quotes from one or more of the example articles to illustrate your ideas.

1. Who do you think the audience is for popular science writing? How do you think this awareness has affected specific choices the authors make? Include at least one specific example/quote.

2. How would you describe the tone of these three pieces? Include at least one specific example/quote. What does the tone tell you about the purpose of this style of writing and/or the intended audience?

3. What do you notice and/or appreciate about the introductions? What would you say is the purpose of the introduction in popular science writing—and how do these authors effectively achieve that purpose?

4. Academic scientific writing is sometimes criticized for being difficult to understand, and laced with technical jargon; how have the writers of these pieces attempted to make scientific terms more understandable?

5. Based on your analysis, how do these authors use hyperlinks in their popular science writing? How do they use images or other visual media? How do these elements help the authors “tell the story”?

6. Based on your analysis of these three popular science articles, what would you say are some of the key components/expectations of popular science writing? In other words, what are some elements that you would intend to emulate/also include in your own popular science article?

Use these sources to answer these questions





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