Power point on ethical dilemmas

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Select and research ONE of the following companies that has been in the news for an ethical dilemma. Prepare a PowerPoint about this company’s ethical dilemma and resulting ethical failure, according to the following instructions. Sources are provided to assist you getting started (click company name link). You will need to further research the company as well as applicable ethical frameworks and related law in your text and required readings.

NOTE: In preparing this project, refer to your Week 1 Lesson Readings and Resources on ethical frameworks.

CHOOSE ONE OF THESE COMPANIES/ISSUES: The Links are a factual starting point for your information and further research.

1. Boeing – 737 MAX-8 Jet death crashes. 

2. Purdue Pharma – opioid crisis, deceptive marketing. 

The following resources will also assist your PowerPoint.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Create a 12– 15 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes:
    • Title slide with your name, course, date, school, title of presentation;
    • Agenda slide – This lists the key points covered in the PPT;
    • Content slides containing bullet points information with illustrations, diagrams, pictures, graphics etc., as appropriate to the slide’s content;
    • Speaker’s notes on each slide – either text presented in the Speaker Notes section at the bottom of the slides or Audio through your Voice speaking (or both); (Note: Speaker’s Notes are not duplication of the text on the slides. They are explanatory narrative.)
  2. Identify the company you selected;
  • explain the company and its industry;
  • provide the factual background of the problem; and
  • clearly state the ethical dilemma presented by the situation. There should be only ONE ethical dilemma. The company had two choices: the act it chose and an alternative it did not do.

3. Identify and define at least one ethical framework that the company apparently employed in making its decision. Note — Not “Should have used.” It is not acceptable to say it did not act ethically or did not use a framework. Analyze it. Frameworks include utilitarianism, free market ethics, deontology, virtue ethics , etc., covered in your course readings.

4. Then, identify and define at least one ethical framework that the company should have used when the problem arose, and explain how to apply it for them to have reached a better result than what actually happened. Be clear.

5. Identify and explain measures the company should implement to avoid this type of problem in the future.

6. Within your discussion include whether the company had a code of ethics or policy that seemed to apply to the situation, and if so, what went wrong with that?

7. Explain what business leadership in any company can learn from this situation.

8. Have a conclusion that wraps up the key points.

9. Include a Reference slide with at least seven (7) credible sources listed in APA format. (NOTE: Sources must be cited in slides and speaker’s notes for direct quotes, specific facts and graphics, same as in a paper, per APA format. If you are doing audio speaker notes, you would mention the source in your speaking narrative.) (Reminder; we are using APA 7th Ed. format.)

10. Your PPT should have a professional slide background and graphics on each slide. (See rubric)

BUSN623: Assignment 6 PowerPoint Guidance

The following screenshot citation is:
Godin, S. (2014, July 12). Fix your really bad PowerPoint. [PPT Presentation.] Slide 40. Slideshare. Retrieved from


To the above 5 points for your Week 6 Assignment, add the following point:

• Put your details in your Speaker’s Notes below each slide which conveys for your reference what you will
cover in detail in presenting that slide. The audience to a presentation does not see the Speaker’s Notes
but they are important for you to make a complete presentation with explanatory material that is not
contained on the slides. (And for Assignment 6 –your prof. will be reading these in evaluating your

Your challenge is to put the appropriate key words, using bullet point designations, on your slides (with appropriate
visuals) to communicate what you need on the slide, and then expand your presentation with your Speaker’s Notes
for that slide. Speaker’s notes are NOT a duplication of what is printed on a slide.

VISUALS – Note no. 2 on Godin’s list above: Use images that relate to the presentation and the material on that
particular slide. You want your presentation to look professional and capture interest. Images should contribute to the
topic. Warning: Do not superimpose your slide text on top of images that clutter the slide and make the text difficult
to read. Visuals should add to, not mask, the message.

Beware of colors. Bright oranges and reds “scream” at the audience. Heavy black backgrounds or similar dark color
boxes are depressing and difficult to read.


• How to create the best PowerPoint presentations. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/inspiring-slideshare-

• 11 design tips for beautiful presentations. https://visage.co/11-design-tips-beautiful-presentations/
Please also review the Instructions and Rubric for this assignment carefully and contact your professor with any

(Linda Ashar, JD/MA, Associate Professor, 2020)


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