Powerpoint Due by Sunday

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Please read instructions 

Due: Sunday by 8:00 am


One of the goals of this course is for learners to be prepared to provide education on 

brain injury related topics to their peers and others who work with survivors. For 

this assignment, you are asked to create an educational presentation of a certain 

population that is affected by brain injury. 

My population: School age children (elementary school) 

Power Point will provide education to others (e.g. educators, counselors, 

rehabilitation professionals, families) who may be involved in the care, 

rehabilitation, education and/or support of individuals in this population.

A. POWER POINT PRESENTATION – The presentation will provide answers to 

the  following questions:

1. What is the scope of the problem (epidemiology/etiology)?

2. What are the common short and long term difficulties that this group may 


3. What are some of the risk and protective factors may affect 


4. What systems are involved in the care, rehabilitation of this group?

5. What are some appropriate interventions/approaches that lead to positive 


6. Resource slide: Include at least 5 online resources that DIRECTLY relate to your 

chosen population

7. References slide: Include all of the citations that support the information 

presented in your slide presentation.  



 Your slides MUST present a general overview of TBI as well as specific slides 

supported by citations for your population.

 You will have speaker notes for EACH slide included in a separate word 


 The speaker notes should be labeled on the word document simply as:

              Slide 1: (type your notes describing slide 1), Slide 2: (type your notes 

describing slide 2), etc.,

 Citations must also be included on each slide for any information you gathered 

from articles, etc.

 There must also be a slide at the end listing all references used to support the 

information in your power point presentation.


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