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Snack presentation:

Part of eating healthy is knowing what foods are nutritious. You will create a healthy snack. The snack must be nutrient dense and contain a reasonable amount of fat/protein/carbohydrates that fit with in a healthy diet. Try to think out of the box, is there a snack you like that is not healthy? Maybe you can play around with the recipe and make it healthier? Once you come up with the recipe you must then prepare it and then take a picture. You will upload the snack recipe into a tracker of your choice and download the results. Then create a PowerPoint presentation that includes

⦁ A picture of your snack ( please make the snack and take a picture of it and upload it to the PowerPoint presentation)

⦁ The recipe and the tracker sheet with all the nutrition facts


⦁ A brief reflection (did you like it? How hard was it to prepare? How long? Etc..)

You will be graded on your presentation, recipe, and creativity.

**There are many recipes that do not require you to use a stove or full kitchen to prep. There is no reason why anyone who lives in the dorm here cannot create something as creative as the students who live at home. If you dorm and need some ideas look around the café and bookstore at the foods that are sold and then once you take inventory of what is available you can create your recipe.


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