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  1. Select 5 different surveys used by criminal justice agencies. Make sure the surveys are blank and have not been completed by respondents.
    • Click here and choose your surveys. You may also use surveys that are not on this list.
  2. Provide a brief introduction about each of the 5 surveys that you selected. Explain which survey is your favorite and least favorite – and why.
    • Write at least a 1-page explanation about your survey selections.
  3. Using your 5 selected surveys, find at least 5 examples of best practices or areas that could be improved upon. Are your identified surveys designed well, easy to read, and a good length? Are your identified survey questions confusing, too complicated, too long or is there something else that could be improved upon? How would you improve identified weaknesses?


Law Enforcement
Shorter & easier

Longer & more complex

1. Virginia PD – Body Camera Survey

2. Lexington PD – Employee Survey

3. Lexington PD – Citizen Survey

4. Milwaukee PD – Attitude Survey

5. Bedford PD – Customer Service Survey

6. Durham PD – Community Survey

7. Geddes PD – Community Survey

8. Palmetto PD – Community Policing Survey

9. Adult Education Survey

10. DOJ Annual Jail Survey

11. Inmate Survey

12. Prisoners Background Survey

13. General Background Survey

You may also use any other survey that is not on this list, but you must provide the source or link

that shows where it came from.

13 Surveys to Select From



American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin. (n.d.). Community views of policing in

Milwaukee. https://aclu-

Bureau of Justice Statistics. (2012). National inmate survey.

Florida Department of Education. (2020). Corrections survey for adult education providers.

International Association of Chiefs of Police. (2018). Sample community surveys.

National Center for Education Statistics. (2021). National assessment of adult literacy.

Palmetto Police Department. (n.d.). Community policing survey.

Town of Bedford. (n.d.). Police customer satisfaction survey.


U.S. Department of Justice. (2021). Annual survey of jails.

Virginia Police Department. (2017). 2017 Body worn camera survey Virginia PD.


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