Product SWOT Analysis: Sun Visor Extension

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MKT-308 Marketing Management

W2 – Marketing Plan: Part II

Two Parts to this assignment:

Part I:

Answer the DQ in 50 words or more:

What should marketers consider when pricing products in different locations around the world?

Part II:

Product Sun Visor Extension – a clip on shade that offers shade extension to a car visor.

Review your Marketing Plan Template. As you work on your plan throughout the class, you may go back and adjust previously submitted sections to include new information learned or to incorporate instructor feedback. You may also elaborate on any of the concepts with further conceptual frameworks and research evidence you have learned as the course progresses.

Complete Section II of the Marketing Plan Template (attached) in approximately 750 words.

II. A. SWOT Analysis

II. B. STEEP Analysis

II. C. Success Rationale

Format your template text using Writing Style Handbook guidelines.

Include a minimum of three new scholarly sources.

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