Professional portfolio

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Professional portfolio see attached copy

Assignment Prompt

The main purpose of the Professional Portfolio is to provide a package of materials, which can be used by you, the prospective family nurse practitioner (FNP) when seeking an employment position.  Its contents include descriptions of your abilities, accomplishments, and goals, as well as providing information regarding the FNP’s scope of practice in your state.  The contents of your Professional Portfolio should include a table of contents and all of the following documents listed. At home, you can print your documents and use tabs to separate each section and place each document in a sheet protector plastic with the opening on top and ring holes on the side. For the course, it will be submitted in an electronic form, as a PDF or word document, and the student should submit it to D2L. Please pay attention to style and formatting as you incorporate consistent text size, font and style, bullets, etc. throughout your document. Please make sure certificates, licenses, or other images are rotated and sized properly for the viewer. Documents that are not uploaded legibly or correctly will be cause for loss of points. This is not an APA style paper, but please use page numbers and a professional styling system. 

Assignment Headings (what to include)

Title Page (not APA, but a professional and modern looking cover page)

Table of Contents

Section I:  Personal Qualifications

A. FNP position statement (This is where you state what type of position you are seeking, give a brief summary of your qualifications, and why you are the best choice for the position.  Note what assets you would bring to the practice setting.) This could also be considered a cover letter.

B. Letter(s) of Appreciation, thank you notes or letters from patients, families, and colleagues

C. Professional presentations and publications 

A. Reference Letters (having these ahead of time will be invaluable to you and is a requirement of the assignment)

a. Minimum of two letters of recommendation

b. Must be written in the last 2 years

c. Must include the title and position of referring person

d. Should be from a supervisor, instructor, preceptor, mentor, etc. should NOT be from a related family member, a friend, etc. 

e. Only one of two letters may be written by a subordinate (employee, student, etc) or co-worker

f. Do not ask your current course instructor to write you a reference, as it’s a conflict of interest, but you may ask former instructors, though they have no obligation to write one

Section II:  Family Nurse Practitioner Information 

A. Write a statement or essay (1-2 pages) to your future employer with a rationale why hiring the APRN brings added value to their practice

B. Include supporting data from a research study in promoting the APRN profession to the employer

C. Review documents from professional organizations, such as the American Nurses Association or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.  

D. Suggested resources:

AANP Advocacy

American Nurses Association

D. Buppert (course text)

E. Reference articles (include at least 5 articles illustrating the roles and quality of care provided by nurse practitioners) (include links to articles if possible)

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