Property and Violent Economic Crimes, law assignment help

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Property and Violent Economic Crimes –

 Property and Violent Economic Crime media,
reviewing resources provided there and writing your notes in the Notebook,
which you will eventually send in PDF format and submit as your assignment. Be
sure to read the Deliverable Instructions below.

Review the Property and Violent Economic
Crime media.


Use the resources available in the media.
Feel free to find other resources outside the media that you find relevant.

Record your answers to the following
questions in the Notebook:

Why is it important to establish whether
it is an instrumental or expressive situation before an intervention takes
place? What psychological motivation is likely to be present for the expressive
hostage taker?

How does the Stockholm syndrome differ
from the London syndrome? Use two research articles as the foundation for your
explanation and provide links to the articles.

How is the behavior of offenders
influenced by societal factors, such as economic recession? Find and refer to a
news article, providing a link, on a violent economic crime, such as bank
robbery, theft, embezzlement, et cetera, and answer the question.

Additional Requirements

APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to
current APA style and formatting standards.

References: A
minimum of three

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