PSY 210 Psychopathology of Black Swan Paper

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Instructions: Watch a film from the list below that depicts a psychological disorder. In your paper, you must a) provide a comprehensive description of the specific disorder and symptoms; b) discuss the character’s (or characters’, when relevant) treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis, or discuss why no treatment or diagnosis was given; c) focus on the messages that this movie sends about this disorder or condition; and d) interpret the accuracy of this film, in light of what you have learned about psychopathology. Each section, “a” through “d’” should be very detailed, at least one full page each. Each section should also have its own subheading, for clear organization of the paper.

Note: do not describe the plot of the movie. This paper is not a movie review. Instead, you are evaluating the accuracy of the film’s depiction of the disorder, based on DSM criteria. Also, even if you have seen the movie before, re-watch the movie prior to writing the paper so that you can be clear and specific regarding the question prompts above.

At least four sources should be used and referenced in this paper, to verify the criteria for the psychological disorder(s) depicted in the film. Be sure to include an APA-formatted reference page at the end of the paper. Although only one film needs to be chosen, students may want to watch multiple movies to help illustrate the various disorders that they are studying. Movie recommendations will be made throughout the course.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Benny & Joon

Silver Linings Playbook

I Am Sam


Black Swan

Matchstick Men

A Beautiful Mind

Welcome to Me

Girl, Interrupted

As Good As It Gets

Thank You For Your Service

The Aviator


Note: If you locate a different film that you would prefer, please write to your instructor for permission. However, these particular films were selected for their ability to show certain truthful aspects about psychological disorders. It is the instructor’s discretion whether or not to grant permission for a different film to be used.

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