PSYCH 74 Los Angeles Valley College Group Work Summary

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Jack ArganyanRuwanthi KotuwelleNatasha PuntmekAlbersabel RuizGroup 4: APA Convention Collaboration ProposalAPA Theme: Advancing the Ethics of Psychology: Issues and SolutionsType of Program: SymposiumTitle: Ethics in Professional Settings: Should Governmental Forces Be Allowed to Manipulate APA Ethical Guidelines? Preliminary Proposed ResearchStudy Problem: The group is interested in explaining why, in relation to the Hoffman Report, the government’s involvement and influence in the change in APA guidelines is unethical. Research Purpose: The purpose of this symposium is to educate the audience about how the rules of the APA guidelines have been manipulated and explain why it should not be allowed.Type of Research Purpose: Explain. The goal is to explain why the APA guidelines should not be manipulated to benefit a certain situation/circumstance that is desired by the government. Initial Research Questions:Is using power as a means to retrieve information unethical?Is there a conflict of interest in the relationship between APA and the government?Are there gender differences on the issue of the government manipulating ethical guidelines for their benefit?Should there be a more precise way of defining professional ethics, since right now it allows psychologists define it in different ways? Should there be regulations on changes in the APA guidelines?How often should the APA guidelines change and who should dictate whether or not they should be changed?Research Methodology and Reason: Applied. This symposium could show why the government should not be influencing changes in the APA’s guidelines and why it is considered unethical.Chairperson: Hakop jack  arganyan Other Members:Ruwanthi Kotuwelle, Associates Degree in Psychology, Los Angeles Valley College, Natasha Puntmek: second year psychology student, Los Angeles Valley College, Albersabel Ruiz : Psychology, Los Angeles Valley College200 Word Summary: Each group member will be responsible for ….

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