Psychoanalytical essay about Shakespeare’s character Ophelia (from Hamlet) in terms of Disability Studies

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Tutor MUST have Disability Studies & Shakespeare knowledge!!!!!!!


Write a 2 page SINGLE SPACED essay in MLA format. Essay should end at the very bottom of page 2. Single spaced. NO PLAGIARISM. The essay should be proofread, spell-checked, page numbered, and in size 12 Times New Roman font.

The Tutor MUST have access to the Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, as this (and the very short article by Elaine Showlater, “Representing Ophelia,” that I have attached) will be 2 of the 3 required texts used in the essay. (The other text is an outside scholarly source that you will find that will help support your claim/argument). Please be sure to use quotes from “Hamlet,” AND from the short article that I have attached for you, as well at the outside scholarly source that you find about the topic.


If a certain disability studies chooses Richard III as its standard bearer,
what would another disability studies look like that refuses him, and which
Shakespearean character would be the standard bearer of this differently
disabled disability studies?

Take up the challenge by choosing Ophelia (from Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet”) as the new disability studies standard bearer, and argue that she should be central to the field of Shakespearean Disability
Studies. What would the field look like if it were built around Ophelia? What would
be gained? What issues would become central if scholars focused on Ophelia? Focus on how your chosen character could contribute to the discourse
of Shakespearean Disability Studies. The paper is expected to be a psychoanalytical interpretation of Ophelia, in terms of disability studies (for example, her “madness”).

You are required to:

• Make your claims about Ophelia’s character in terms of disability studies as
specific as possible.

• Cite from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet

• Cite at least two outside scholarly sources. (One of which I have attached for you, the other you will find).

• Use MLA format and include a Works Cited page.

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