read 5 pg article and write a 1 page response

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Topic: Roberts argues that the American people, and those elsewhere, consume or make purchases to reinforce our social status. As adults, maybe we want to give off the impression we are wealthy; some people might spend thousands of dollars on a Rolex or drive a 7 Series BMW. The same can be said for teenagers who buy certain brands or listen to certain music to gain currency or popularity in different social groups or cliques. Overall, Roberts would probably agree that every purchase, no matter its size or expense, defines our status and satisfies our social needs.

Assignment Guidelines: Your response should be in 12-point, Times New Roman font and be at least one page, double-spaced. Please consider your views/ experiences and include at least two quotations from the article. Upload your response to Canvas for credit. You may type your response.

Writing Task:

Do you agree with Roberts’ argument, as summed up above, in “The Treadmill of Consumption”? Explain exactly why you agree or disagree.

–For the response, use an example of a item you either purchased or wanted.

–And, include at least two quotations from the article.

i have linked the picture of the article required on the attatched files

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