Reflecting on the roll of Diversity

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This week, you will scan your research, paying special attention to the inclusion of participants in diverse groups. You may examine issues related to gender, region, age, ethnic or racial group, or other considerations. You will likely find areas of the research which do not include all groups. Research over the past 10 years or so has done a better job of including individuals with different backgrounds into research studies to help generalize results; however, this has not always occurred. Considering this will help you to determine where gaps might exist in the research and suggest improvements in future studies.

In line with that, the ability to provide an evaluative critique of another scholar’s work is an essential skill on the road to becoming an independent scholar. It is important to analyze the research studies you have chosen to determine if the research applies to everyone or only to a certain gender, certain racial or ethnic group, etc. Cultural differences can influence the effectiveness of certain treatments and assessment tools; therefore, it is important to evaluate prior research to understand which groups the treatment or programs have been deemed effective.

In the field of forensic psychology, focusing on these details is critical as it not only lets you know about how diverse groups respond to treatment, for example, but also that you can apply this knowledge to your particular group. As forensic psychology is a newer field, at times there is less data than one might find in other areas. It takes careful review to assess what population was assessed in research and, therefore, whom it may apply to. For example, research on juvenile offenders is different from that of adults. Also, research on sexual offenders is different from that of violent offenders. You will also likely find that there is limited research on certain types of offenders. Thus, as you are reviewing the diverse groups studied in the research, think about whom you can then apply this to in your literature review (if you can) and how you might compare and contrast the research you do have to be useful as you try to ‘solve’ your problem or answer your question for your Signature Assignment.

  • Due September 26 at 11:59 PM

    This week, you will reflect on the role of diversity in research and practice by developing a 3 to 5-page newsletter with two key articles:

    • One “article” will be focused on describing the importance of diversity in the workplace and the challenges inherent to a diverse workplace relative to the forensic psychology field. This is a fairly wide-open topic and can relate to diverse offenders, diversity differences between treatment providers and offenders, treatment efficacy related to diversity, or any other topic you feel can adequately describe the importance and challenges related to diversity in forensic psychology.
    • A second “article” will be focused on why diversity is important in forensic research and whether diversity is considered in research on your literature review topic. Here you should consider what elements you have found to be relevant in your topic related to diversity. It may be that there is limited research on your group, and you need to compare and contrast with other groups, or you may find that research on your group does not encompass the needed diverse groups. Again, there are many directions you can take this article, but be sure you are addressing why diversity is important in forensic research and, in particular, your literature review topic.

    This newsletter should utilize scholarly resources to back up your ideas. It is not an opinion piece, but rather a newsletter giving information utilizing an academic tone and scholarly support. Length: 3 to 5-page newsletter which includes 2 articles, page length does not include a title page or reference pages References: Include a minimum of 3-5 scholarly resources. The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards,

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