Related to data analysis 1. What is the main course(Master information system) you are currently enrolled in? How does the course relate to your current internship work? What goals do you have

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Related to data analysis

1.       What is the main course(Master information system) you are currently enrolled in? How does the course relate to your current internship work? What goals do you have to apply the learning from your course to your work?

2.       .     Ethics are always important, both personally and in business. For this discussion, share an experience that you may have had this past week in which either you or someone in your organization leadership demonstrated ethical behavior.

3.       Using the topics covered in week 3 of your primary course, provide an example of how you applied critical thinking to resolve a related issue in your work.

4.       . Professional written communication is a key skill required in the workplace. Provide an example of either documentation or written communication which you have done this week in your workplace. What was the result of the communication? In what ways could you potentially improve?

5.       At work, we regularly need to speak with others either face to face, by phone, or in virtual meetings. Provide 2 examples of verbal communication you have had this week. What form were your communications in (Face to face, phone, virtual, etc.)? Did you face any challenges in your communications? In what ways could you strive to improve your communication at work?

6.       2. We often need to do research at work to find answers to issues or challenges we experience, whether big or small. Sometimes we also need to research potential new systems or solutions to address needs for the business or for customers. Provide two examples of things you have needed to research in your work over the past week. How do you determine what is a good information source? How do you know you can trust the information? Why is it important for you to know how to find the right sources of information for your work?

7.       1. Data is critical in making effective business decisions in today’s workplace. Provide an example of how data is used in your current work to make business decisions. If you are unaware of how data is used for this purpose, speak with your manager and ask how they use data to determine how their department or business is performing. Share the general concepts you learn in the discussion.

8.       . Each of us works with other people in some manner, such as in teams, on projects, in meetings, virtually, using shared collaboration to edit documents, etc. How have you worked with others at your workplace this week? What challenges have you experienced in collaborating with others at work, and what did you do to resolve them?

9.       1.     Conflict at work is never easy. Sometimes you may not agree with a supervisor, peer, or client. What are some techniques you can use to address conflict? Share an experience where you had to overcome negative emotions because of a conflict at work.

10.   2.     It is very important to incorporate diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Speak with your manager or the HR manager regarding the business’s goals and requirements for diversity and inclusion. Share what you learn. What challenges do they face and what the company is doing to address those challenges.

  1. Research a current event taking place in your industry. Post a link with a two-to-three-sentence summary. What natural connections can you make between your current event and your career goals? Share your personal thoughts on the article.
  2. Many industries are governed by legal or regulatory requirements such as HIPAA for healthcare, FERPA for education, Sarbanes-Oxley for corporations, PCI-DSS for credit card payments, or GLBA for banking. What legal or regulatory requirement(s) must your business adhere to? What are the implications of failing to comply with the required regulations? What policies or procedures does your work have in place to ensure compliance?


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