Replay to my classmate discussion post (150 words​)

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Replay to my classmate post in 150 words

This the question

Why did the Cold War break out and who is responsible – the US and its running dog lackeys or the USSR and its crime boss cronies? What does dropping THE BOMB have to do with it.

This is my classmate post:

the first thermonuclear weapon was created it caused a lot of
controversy. With the mushroom cloud ranging from 25 miles high to 100
miles across many wondered what damages could come from one bomb. The
nuclear effects that could cause harm to humans all over the globe. When the
USSR tested their first hydrogen bomb it caused an outrage with the US.
After testing Eisenhower announced a policy of “massive retaliation.”
They believed that having as much strength and power as the other would avoid
another war. With the possibility of a global environmental catastrophe
each side kept developing weapons.

Both the US and
USSR did not get along after the end of the second World War. There was
no cooperation between either and each distrusted and feared the other. It is
hard to say who is responsible for the cold war itself. They were both
ready to be the best and win. If they would have become allies after the
war it would be a different story. Without each other to rival off of, I
don’t believe it would have become so intense. Each country was trying to
become the best and create the biggest superpower. Without one or the other
the war would not have started. I believe they are both to blame.

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