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How Nurses Should Assure Policy Change for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

To ensure that they are persuasive, nurses have to view themselves as experts with the ability and the duty to effect current and future healthcare provision systems. Nurses can embrace a collaborative work policy. Working together and sharing different views, ideas and opinions can lead to increased contributions of nurses working as different professionals, thereby helping bridge differences by discussing issues affecting nursing nationally and internationally. Nurses should work hand in hand with STTI, which is a force for shaping programs and works with nurses and governmental administrators to push on strategies that promote world health. STTI has established a global advisory panel on the future of nursing meant to bring stakeholders from all over the world to address important plans such as nursing leadership, education, and workforce evolution. Nurses have a choice of whether or not they want to become influential in policy work. Nurses should also debate the importance of policies to them. They should educate themselves on the value and appreciate the chances to be active influencers of policy by learning how policies are developed and pinpointing the areas of policy they want to change (Feringa et al., 2018).

The Role of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) In Addressing Workforce Shortages in Rural Communities

People living in rural areas often encounter hardships in accessing the necessary medical care. For rural people to receive the required access, they require ACA has come up with different strategies. The ACA was made to reduce health insurance coverage expenses for individuals who qualify for it. Individuals with lower incomes find it difficult to afford coverage on their own. The ACA has detailed supplies mean to address the development of national strategies to deal with workforce issues (Rochefort, 2018). The ACA has established programs to support the clinical training of current non-physicians. The training will enable them to keep pace with the constantly changing healthcare environment and promote the well-being of those living in rural areas who cannot get the care they require. The ACA has established grant programs to support care coordination through medical homes by using programs and initiatives involving private doctors, community health centers, and even providing home-based care.

The ACA has redistributed unused residency positions. Health facilities located in places with a large number of individuals staying in a health professional service area to the population will be issued a higher priority for a rise in placement positions. 65% of the redistributed slots will be allocated to the primary care and general surgery positions. The law also permits educating health facilities to access Direct graduate medical education and indirect medical education payments related to the time residents practice in ambulatory settings and other costs so long as the health facility suffers the expenses of inhabitants’ incomes and benefits for the time the residents occupy in that setting.



Feringa, M. M., De Swardt, H. C., & Havenga, Y. (2018). Registered nurses’ knowledge, attitude, practice and regulation regarding their scope of practice: A literature review. International journal of Africa nursing sciences8, 87-97.

Rochefort, D. A. (2018). The Affordable Care Act and the faltering revolution in behavioral health care. International Journal of Health Services48(2), 223-246.

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