Research (4 steps )

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Research Step 1: Topic/Working Thesis

Gatsby by Fitzgerald, The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway, Tender is the Night by Fitzgerald, or For Whom the Bell Tollsby Hemingway. The topic is up to you, but you will be required to complete ALL of the steps of the research process

Step 1:

Briefly state your topic selection and write a working thesis sentence. Your thesis sentence should be the beginning of the argument that you will make about your topic. You can choose what aspect you want to focus on (for example, theme, imagery, character development, etc). You will get a chance later to revise your thesis sentence if you find that your ideas change during the research process. Ultimately, your thesis sentence that you end up with when you write the actual paper should provide a blueprint of what you want to say ABOUT those elements of the novel. Type your topic selection and working thesis

Research Step 2: Annotated Bibliography

Step 2:

Annotated Bibliography

You are required to use at least one reputable, scholarly source, which should be an article OR a digital book chapter accessed through the library’s online databases that has been written by a scholar/expert in the fields of literature/writing or history. The use of Wikipedia, any online sources that do not list an author, or information that comes from sites that just summarize the plot and key points (like SparkNotes, Shmoop, Cliffsnotes) is NOT acceptable and should NOT be cited as a source. Suggested databases found through — JSTOR, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Literature Resource Center, Bloom’s Literature, ProQuest, Academic Search Complete.

Your Annotated Bibliography should follow MLA format. It will include the full citation for the source at the top and then a paragraph explaining what the article is about AND how you plan to use it in your paper. Follow the example linked in the file attached to see what yours should look like.

Research Step 3: Outline

Step 3:


Create an alphanumeric formal outline for your topic. Include your revised thesis statement at the top. Provide evidence from the novel and your secondary source within the outline and include in-text citations that correspond with your Works Cited page at the end of the outline.

Research Step 4: Full Essay

Step 4:

Full Essay

For your research essay, you are required to incorporate material from your secondary source AND include quotes from the novel in your paper (properly cited) in order to fulfill the minimum requirements for the assignment.

Please note that you are expected to proofread your formal writing before submitting it. Excessive grammar errors, typos, improper citation, and formatting errors will lead to a lower grade on the assignment. All papers must conform to the conventions of academic writing and MLA format.

Parameters: 1500-2000 words with a Works Cited section at the end

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