Research on Government and Not for Profit Accounting

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  1. Title: Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting Research
  2. Introduction:

The following Monday morning, after submitting your CAFR Analysis Report, Simone emailed asking to see you in her office. You are a little nervous and hope she liked your first major work product. So, you take a deep breath and walk to Simone’s office.

You are greeted with a big smile and Simone says, “Wow, that report was fantastic, I was so impressed!” You are immediately put at ease and smile back. “Now, I have a new project for you, and I think you’ll find this one very interesting. You see, Baker, Lombard, & Sweeting Accounting, LLC contributes on quarterly basis to the Journal of Accountancy. My boss would like this quarter’s contribution to come from our department and cover a current topic in government /non-for-profit accounting. Your CAFR report impressed me so much, I immediately thought of you for this project. This gives you an opportunity to impress the big boss and be published in a well-respected accounting journal.”

You respond, “sounds great Simone and thank you for this opportunity.” Simone agrees to immediately email the specifics. Eager to get started right away you hurry back to your office to start looking for an interesting topic.

  1. Steps to Completion:
    1. Identify a government or not-for-profit topic you would like to learn more about. Below are a few suggestions if you cannot think of any:
  1. Unique aspects of accounting for a non-profit entity
  2. Accounting development and classification; factors that have a significant influence on accounting development
  3. Recently issued GASB Statements
  4. The GASB Codification
  5. Unique aspect of accounting for a university
  6. Essential differences between accounting for non-profit, government, and for-profit hospitals
  7. Comparative accounting – regulation and enforcement, similarities and differences between government-wide financial statements and fund statements
  8. Reporting and disclosure – select three different reporting and disclosure issues and study to increase your understanding of these areas
  1. Conduct research on your chosen topic.
  2. Write a research paper in APA style.
  1. You need a minimum of three references for this research paper
  2. Include in-text citations
  3. Include a reference page
  4. Approximately 5-8 pages in APA style
  1. 12-pt type
  2. Double-spaced
  1. Deliverables:
    1. A 5-8 page research paper in APA style written in MS Word.
      1. Students should view this project as if it were a presentation to a company CEO, CFO, or board.
      2. In addition to computational accuracy, critical thinking, professionalism, communication, and presentation weigh heavily in the evaluation of the assignment.
      3. There are a number of ways that the case study might be presented to a CEO, CFO, or board – explanations, analysis, charts, etc.
      4. Remember – this must be in your own words and you must support your work.
  1. Rubric:

    All project files and rubrics are located in Content/Course Resources/Projects & Rubrics/Project 2

  2. Helpful Hints
  • Review and refresh your memory of APA style formatting
  • Prepare a draft version of your CAFR Analysis report and ask a classmate, friend, or family member to read your report before submitting it to the Graduate Writing Tutors for feedback.
  • Submit your draft to the graduate writing tutors at least 1 week before the project is due. This FREE resource can be accessed in your LEO classroom.
  • Make edits to your report after reviewing feedback from the graduate writing tutors.
  • Submit the Project deliverable(s) on or before the due date.
  • Ask your supervisor (professor) questions as needed.

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