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To effectively address the medical issues, the current structure of health care systems will need to undergo significant revision. Skilled medical personnel are the backbone of these kinds of systems; without them, major redesigns like this one are impossible to implement. To adequately prepare health care workers to take on this challenge, all of the professions involved need to have a shared vision that is centered on a dedication to, first and foremost, catering to the requirements of patients (Loke, Li, & Guo, (2021).

Education for all health professionals should focus on evidence-based practice, quality improvement strategies, and informatics and prepare them to provide treatment centered on the patient as members of an interdisciplinary team. This is to enable the nurses to be ready to tackle the health problems and the challenges they face on a daily basis as they serve the patients. Through these strategies, the nurses and other medical practitioners improve the health care services. Medical practitioners must apply the above skills and knowledge to ensure that patients get the right care to improve their health outcomes.

Core competencies that all health practitioners, regardless of their area of specialty, should acquire in order to satisfy the demands of the health care system in the 21st century are as follows:

Provide care that is centered on the patient by recognizing, respecting, and caring about the patients’ differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs; relieving patients’ pain and suffering; coordinating ongoing care; listening to patients, clearly informing them, communicating with them, and educating them; Participate in both decision-making and management, and maintain an emphasis on illness prevention, wellness, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, with particular attention paid to the health of the population.

Work in interdisciplinary teams

In order to provide consistent and dependable care, nursing teams should cooperate, interact, and communicate with one another while integrating patient care. Applying an interdisciplinary team will enable the nurses to deliver on the goals of delivering improved quality of healthcare services (Lee. (2018). The interdisciplinary team will enable the nurses to solve complex problems that require more skills not in the nursing sector but could be available in other disciplines.

Employ evidence-based practice

when it is practicable, participate in learning and research activities and integrate the best available research with clinical knowledge and patient priorities to provide the best possible care.(Lee. (2018) Nurses should learn how to apply evidence-based healthcare services. By applying evidence-based healthcare practice, the nurses are able to cab future problems and also, they are able to provide better healthcare services which will in turn improve the patient outcome. Through evidence-based practice nurses are able to deliver improved healthcare. Through research, the patients can deliver better healthcare services to their patients, hence improving the patient outcome.

Apply quality improvement.

 Nurses should work towards identifying errors and hazards in care; understanding and implementing basic safety design principles such as standardization and simplification; understanding and measuring quality of care in terms of structure, process, and outcomes in relation to patient and community needs; designing and testing interventions to change processes and systems of care with the goal of improving quality. Through quality improvement, nurses can improve the services they provide to their patients. Quality Improvement can be achieved by the nurses acquiring new skills from various fields, enabling them to be effecient in their service delivery and improving patient outcomes.

Utilize informatics

Using information technology effectively allows nurses to better communicate, manage knowledge, reduce the risk of error, and support decision-making. The use of informatics and technology in decision-making will improve patient outcomes (Lee, Park, & Jeong, (2012). The application of the health care applied technology, for instance, decision making based on the data acquired through technology will enhance better service delivery. Nurses must always strive to improve their decision-making skills by applying informatics for better patient results. It is of essence to use informatics as it improves the delivery of services by the nurses.


Nurses are required to apply informatics to deliver the right decision in line with the complexity of the patient’s needs as they strive for better service delivery. Evidence-based practice will also help the nurses deliver high-quality healthcare services and plan for future occurrences. The nurses also needed to develop service delivery programs that are patient-centered to Improve the healthcare system, hence improving patient outcomes. The nurses must collaborate with other disciplines to tackle various health challenges and the complexity of the patients’ needs. The nurses should always work to acquire the best skills and knowledge, enabling them to always be ready for any occurrence in the healthcare system.


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