Responses winter 1

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My name is Lakelynn Fink and I am currently a dermatology nurse in WV. I am married with a 3-year-old Labradoodle named Kimber. My background as a nurse includes med-surg and cath-lab. My strength when treating pediatric patients is my personality. I love kids even though I do not have my own yet. I feel that I can talk to children and interact with them to make them feel more comfortable in a sometimes-stressful environment. My downfall is that I do not have extensive experience with treating children in a provider role. I see very few children in my job, and they are typically referred out if so. I saw a few children in my primary care rotation, but no infants. I plan to utilize the “Tell-show-do” method as this is known to be effective for treating pediatric patients (Khandelwal et al., 2018). I am nervous about treating young babies and toddlers, they seem fragile to someone like me who does not have kids. I also plan to use a visual or audio aid to help calm and distract patients (Raseena et al., 2020). This is also an effective tool that is used when treating anxious or nervous children. I am eager to learn from my preceptor to help better understand how to treat children effectively and accurately, even if they are scared or stressed.

                   My career goal is to continue working in the state of WV in my current town with a focus in dermatology. In the period 2010-2017 the number of NPs in the US more than doubled from approximately 91,000 to 190,000 (Auerbach et al., 2020). Even though there has been an influx of NPs, my town is very small and there is limited access to providers. I have had the pleasure of being trained by one of the best dermatology providers that I work for in my area. I hope to continue to serve patients in my community as I take on a new role as an FNP. The work in this course can help me accomplish these goals and objectives by testing my ability to conduct clinical procedures independently. It will also help me by building my confidence in performing clinical procedures and applying the skills I have acquired from the classroom to real life situations. This course will also help me reach these goals by creating learning opportunities to which I can learn from experienced clinicians when conducting clinical skills on patients. I strive to be an experienced Nurse Practitioner student to make the transition from RN to FNP smooth. I hope to gain this confidence through my practicum

Response 2

 Hello peers. My name is Gevork Arutinyan and I have been practicing in the OR setting for 11 years now. My strengths include providing patient and family-centered care and I believe my operating room skills and patient/family interactions have really played a big role in this strength development. Throughout years of practice, I have encountered patients of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, etc. I have learned that learning the patient’s background and approaching each patient with individualized preferences and management measures improves overall patient outcomes, safety, and care, especially in pediatrics when guardians are primary decision-makers for their loved ones’ treatment. Other strengths I carry include situational analysis, EKG interpretation and performance, inhalation therapy, wound care, PPD reading and administration, and many other skills and health assessment abilities as a nurse practitioner. These are all skills that one can utilize in the pediatric environment (Schallmo & Godfrey, 2019). My goal for this term is to gain new skills from the vast depth of knowledge that the pediatric population and my preceptor have to offer. My objective is to build upon the skills I already carry and master the skills I learn. I will then utilize these skills in the areas of practice where I can safely, effectively, and efficiently treat underserved and rural communities in acquiring the best care possible pertaining to disease prevention, management, etc (Norful & de Jacq 2018). I will obtain my goals and objectives by actively listening, utilizing scholarly sources, and gaining knowledge during clinical rotations. 

 2APA references for each response

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