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Since we are still working on revisions of Essay 1 this week, let us look at how to best integrate quotes (material from our sources) into our own writing. You may be an old hand at this, or this way be something you are struggling this. Don’t worry if it is difficult or clunky at first, the more you practice, the smoother and easier this process will become. One of the common errors in academic writing is that we may forget that quotes cannot stand on their own. With this revision assignment, we are going to revise the Is in our body paragraphs so that we don’t leave any quotes hanging alone, without their friends.

First, please read through the documents and videos to refresh how to incorporate quoted material.


A Walk Thorough Integrating Quotes (on Prezi)

Incorporating Quotes in Research 3-1.pdf


Second, follow the steps below while completing the assignment.

STEP ONE: Pick at least four Is from a revised draft of your Essay 1. My suggestion would be to pick ones that need the most work.

STEP TWO: Fill out the following worksheet with your original Is, and a revised Is, making sure to consider what you have learned from the above lecture. Make sure to introduce the quote, punctuate the quote properly, and include a MLA citation.

STEP THREE: Submit your completed worksheet. Use these revisions of your Is when working on your final draft of Essay 1.

Incorporating Quotes Worksheet.docx

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