Rhetorical Choices and Writing Process Reflection for Porfolio

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1-2 pages double spaced

Task: Write a reflective letter to me (your English instructor), telling me everything that you think is important about your writing/learning process during this semester.

Purpose: In reflecting back on your writing/learning, you’re practicing what researchers call metacognition, or thinking about your thinking. By reviewing your thinking, you’re more likely to remember it and connect it to future contexts. This reflection provides a chance to practice that by looking back at your rhetorical and work choices on two different assignments (and over the semester) and think about their effects. It’s also a chance to think about your writing process.

Questions to Consider/Answer in Your Process Reflection

*You do NOT have to answer ALL questions. These are just prompts to get you started.

  1. The big project for this semester was the research paper. How did you get started on this project? How did you generate ideas? What phases did you go through in drafting? How did your writing process differ on this project compared to past assignments, either in this class or elsewhere?
  2. What were the main difficulties and how did you tackle them?
  3. What would you do differently next time? (Try to say more than “I wouldn’t wait until the last minute,” if that applies to you.)
  4. What aspects of the various papers in the class (including the research paper) do you know you still need to work on? What would you ideally like to change?
  5. What did you learn from this process that you can apply to the next writing project or to writing that is due in other classes?

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