Risk assessment (ten day assessment)

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Module 6 / Chapter 12  (Ten (10) Day Final Assessment)


1) Submit via Canvas in 12 fonts, double-spaced, proper grammar. 2) Use the e text for reading and information and write this “Risk Assessment” in your own words (NO Required Word Count, each section should be a brief and concise paragraph that is clearly marked!).

3) Outside reference material” may be utilized if completed in APA format including a Bibliography page!

Risk Assessment:

In the following format (A, B, C, D, E, F, G & E), one or more paragraphs for each“Risk Assessment” phase:

A) Introduction– Describe an “educational institution” or a “retail corporation”that you are familiar with. Include an “estimate” of the amount of “students and staff” or “corporate personnel” that either attend classes or work there.  Also, what is the name and location of this “school or college” or corporation”? 

B) Describe (briefly) what a “Risk Assessment” entails. 

C) Describe the “vulnerability levels” that exist in this institution or organization.

D) Discuss the “probability” of a negative act or situation taking place at this institution.  

E) Discuss the “criticality” of this institution regarding it’s ability to survive a “negative” incident or attack. Include a “detailed relative scenario” to demonstrate your points. 

F) Describe two or more “risk elimination” techniques that would make this institution safer. Include an example.

G) Conclude with a “detailed contingency plan” including onsite personnel (employees and security) and municipal first responders response regarding a very serious fire situation! Include a “detailed scenario.”

Due Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 11:59PM EST,

Final Assessment:

Risk Management Project/ Paper: (2-3 Pages, 12 fonts double-spaced) All categories must be covered as outlined.

Details to be posted in Module 6 & Due in Module 7 (Two-Week Assignment)

An academic “response”that answers the questions and explains the required categories in an academic manner and demonstrates the student’s comprehension of Risk Management as discussed in the assigned e-text readings. Also, relative examples or scenarios that backup the viewpoint of the student should be included. Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is required. Documentation taken from the e-text must include the page only, (Example; p-33). Documentation from outside sources must be in APA Style, no bibliography page required. 

Correct Response to Weekly Question


“Outside” documentation is APA Format


Information related to e-text readings


Real-Life examples (not from text)


Correct Spelling


Correct Grammar & Punctuation



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