Security Management Case Study Research Paper

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Case Study #2.Be sure to answer the following questions in the paper.No plagiarism tolerated!

Questions: 1. Read all of Mantri (2011). He discusses a variety of topics and sub-topics that characterize the “New Terrorism.” Mantri (2011) writes that the United States has been more successful in the socializing of immigrants than Europe has (pp. 90-91). This lack of social integration was in fact cited recently as a cause of the November 2015 Paris attacks, when it was discovered that the attackers hailed from a neighborhood in Brussels known to hold a largely disenfranchised population. Then: a. Identify three (3) social theories for terrorismb. Identify three (3) psychological theories for terrorism.

In your explanation, provide explanations where possible to help relate the concepts. Your response must be more than a mere listing or defining of terms, but should be well articulate, academic explanation of the theories presented by sociologists/psychologists.

2. Mantri (2011) explains that inside information from friends and family was the best intelligence to warn of impending terror incidences (p. 93).The two most-used tools in the fight against terrorism, however, have inarguably been the United States Department of Defense, and legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and USA FREEDOM Act.Given this, please: a. Briefly identify the primary legislation that is currently in place, and identify at least three tools of that legislation that are used as counterterrorism tools. b. Chose one (1) of the tools listed and identify one (1) case where it was used as a successful counterterrorism tool.

3. Mantri (2011) states, “The threat from Islamic terror is not going to be defeated by waging a conventional or sub-conventional war.” (p. 94) This leads to the point that the power behind jihadism is the ideology. Using all available resources: a. Identify any and all key components of jihadi ideology. (What is the core of ideas behind it?). b. Identify at least three key ways to deal with the ideology that are non-kinetic (done without bullets or bombs). (This can come from case examples, prominent theories, or your own concepts. There must be academic rooting in your response, however. Do not just make up ideas, but use valid examples, theories,


4. This article bounces around from domestic terrorism to international terrorism references, and covers a large part of history in a very short period of time. Please, using all available resources: a. Define domestic terrorism from a United States’ legal perspective. b. Define international terrorism from a United States’ legal perspective. c. Identify at least five (5) categories of terrorist groups and give at least two (2) groups as examples for each

You will provide a case study analysis report.

It must be a minimum of 3,000 words (excluding title page and references).

It must include a separate title page.

It must include a separate reference page.

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