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Improving our communication skills begins with an honest appraisal of ourselves. Where are we lacking? What would we like to change about who we are? How is our current behavior hindering or impacting our relationships with those we care aboutt? I would like you to keep a journal (minimum-once a week) as you progress towards your goal. In this journal, you should include specific examples of incidents when you “fell off the wagon.” Why do you think it happened? Were you not being mindful? Also include incidents when you behaved according to your goal. Compare the situations. Do you have any insight why you sometimes behave as you’d like and sometimes, not? You may incorporate these examples as support for your final paper. As we are always evolving, and as change is a difficult thing to achieve, you should look at this assignment as a half semester long project. It is not something you can write up two nights before it’s due and expect to do well. I want to know of your struggles with your goals as well as your successes.


The purpose is to encourage you to look honestly at yourself and discover and implement new, more productive, communication behaviors for yourself. This assignment will hopefully show you that you do in fact have control over what happens in your life based on how you communicate with others.


Adler and Procter present four principles for improving your self concept in ch. 2, Identity. Your assignment is to address these four steps (clearly!!!) within the body of your paper in achieving the change you desire, supporting each idea with real life examples from your journal. I strongly suggest you pull from other chapters that help you understand your behavior and what strategies have/will support your change in behavior. Don’t forget to speak Comm 10! Distinguish this as a comm 10 paper by citing from your book and using appropriate terminology where it makes sense.

1) Have a realistic perception of yourself

2) Have realistic expectations

3) Have the will to change

4) Have the skill to change

Self reflection-at the end of this assignment, I’d like to know how you feel you did in accomplishing your goal. Some questions you can address are: What was challenging in this assignment? Was it hard to stay motivated? Is this new behavior ingrained or something you think you will have to be mindful of on a daily basis? Was keeping a journal helpful? What did you learn from this class that helped you progress towards your goal?


I want you to frequently tie in quotes from your text and any other communication resources you find valuable that help support and clarify your points. This paper should be a culmination of the things you’ve learned so far in the semester; therefore I want to see a minimum of three different chapters discussed in the body of your paper. I already prompted you with a few opportunities to tie in your text, but don’t stop there. Use whatever principles or concepts you see fit. The paper should be 12 point font and 1 inch margins on all sides. It must be a least 5-7 pages


Papers will be evaluated based on demonstration and understanding of communication principles and concepts. Second, papers must address the four steps in achieving changes, as outlined above. The paper should be thoughtful, insightful, and college level writing. Third, papers must demonstrate effective writing mechanics and style.

Organization-introduction has strong opening statement, previews interpersonal goal(s), follows four steps outlined in ch. 2 Includes reflection in conclusion.

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