Self Introduction

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Task: In a few sentences, please introduce yourself to the class. Your answer should include:

1) Whether or not you have taken an online class before.

2) What is your area of study and how do you plan to use it.

3) What are your hopes for this class? (Introduction to Business)

PLEASE go based on the information given below:

– This is my third time taking online classes (I started Freshman year during COVID-19 Fall 2020. I’m 22 years old.

– I’m majoring in Accounting. <My next step after completing my associate’s degree. I plan to further my studies overseas with the long-term goal of becoming an Accounting Manager.

– My hobbies are the beach, reading and watching documentary films.

– My profession is CERT. Pharmacy tech w/ 5 yrs experience.- however, I’m not interested in the medical field. It’s just to cover my expenses while attending school.

For each discussion, your initial post (at least 300 words) is due by Sunday @ 6 p.m.You must cite your textbook or other resources in the body of the text and provide a reference at the bottom of the discussion. The reference should be provided according to the APA 7th Edition manual.

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